Homeward bound

At the end of a very steep winding lane in Cornwall sits the small, pretty village of Mousehole. It’s so picturesque that it attracts coachtrips of visitors from all over the world, but it wasn’t always this way. Like many seaside villages, it originally made it’s money from fishing. One thing you will notice about the cute houses, after the thatched roofs and pastel washed walls, is that they each have a little window which faces the sea. The village wasn’t large enough to warrant a fully fledged lighthouse, so every fisherman’s wife would light a lamp and place it in the window to guide their husbands home. Very sweet.

I just moved to San Francisco, and spent a fairly lonely month prior to the arrival of my wife. On the day of her flight I found a website which let me track her flight as she approached. I’ve never used one of these services in a live situation before, but it was wonderful. I wondered what extra information could be added to the data stream, could it show what film she was watching, what she was eating, or if she was asleep? Even so, this dry data took on a gloriously poetic tone for me, watching the aircraft approach. A little window facing the sea.