TBD Catalog


Things have been busy.
Over the last few months I’ve been working with my colleagues at the Near Future Laboratory to get a piece of work to completion. Regular readers might remember that a while ago we ran a workshop at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit with a group of writers, designers, thinkers, makers and artists, to discuss the future. Not a ‘wouldn’t it be cool if’ future, but more a ‘how might this play out’ discussion. From this productive and enjoyable session we began producing a dietetic prototype, a catalog from the near future. It’s a lovely thing of which we’re very proud, and it resonates well with my writing on The Future Mundane. It’s a piece of design from a future which I can believe in, not a polarizing utopian or dystopian one, but a future which is a little broken, where today’s technologies becomes dispersed, arriving at their logical, mundane resting places. Julian has explained this in much greater depth in his beautiful essay on the launch website (which I encourage you to read).

sample1 sample2 sample4

So this is in some ways a call to purchase, an ad if you will, but I’m also keen to share this methodology. Portrayals of the future do not need to be glossy renders, vision videos or concept models, they can be clunky pieces of ephemera, awkward artifacts or items beyond the fringes of aspiration. Design Fictions such as these can help us tell a better story, and that’s good for everyone.

Order your copy here:  TBD catalog.

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